15 Easiest Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A Low Budget

While searching on the internet, there are many websites out there, who are suggesting different online business ideas. While reading I found some of them are really good, but some make no sense either. So in this article, I am going to list 15 Easiest Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A Low Budget.

Online Business Ideas

Online business may sound difficult, except it’s not and most of the entrepreneur does not know where to start. The most important and first step of doing online business is the business idea and its structure.

To start an online business you need certain skills on the filed of your business, if you have no skill then you need money. As you can hire freelancers to do your work and they come in a good budget.

For example, you’re a content creator, but you lack video editing knowledge, then you can hire a freelance video editor from freelancer websites.

Before starting an online business, the most important thing is that your product or service should be specific to the customer’s needs, only then you can succeed.

So Here are 15 Easiest Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A Low Budget.

1. Social Media Manager

social media manager

Social media manager, a word 20 years ago, might not even exist, but now it is quite famous and an easy job and growing as a business. The three most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have billions of reach and there are plenty of opportunities in them.

There are many small and medium-sized businesses out there in the market, who want to promote their products and services in these social media and they need someone or an agency to manage and operate their social media pages.

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So what you can do is starting a social media management agency, hire some freelancers with good skills and experience and start your new online business with very little budget.

In order to be a social media manager you need certain skills like:

  • Understanding The Basics of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram like their algorithm, reach, and working style.
  • Good communication skills for replay the query.
  • Image and Video editing skills for good-looking posts.
  • Social Skills

2. Website Developer

Nowadays, Creating a website is super easy, using online tools like WordPress and others, you do not need any technical skills or a huge budget. You just need to buy a domain and a hosting for a starter. There is a lot of opportunity in the market for you as a website developer or even as website development agency.

Many small businesses out there, who need exposure in the online market, become famous and for their customer service. The best way to make money for your business is to create a small website and charge smaller amount, as smaller website takes less time (even less than 2 hours), so that your business can grow faster.

To become a website developer you need certain skills like:

  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
  • WordPress Knowledge
  • Basic communication skills (To contact potential customers)
  • Basic marketing skills (To get the customer)
  • Image editing and logo making

3. SEO Consultant

SEO stands for search engine optimization, that every website needs. To rank your website in search engines like google, yahoo, and bing, you need to optimize your website according to the search engine to get organic visitors. Many website owners are unaware of that. So you can consult with them and give them tips to help in SEO.

To become an SEO consultant or top open an SEO constant agency one of the best online business ideas, but for that you need certain specific skills. Those are:

  • Proper skill to Analyze a website
  • Knowledge of search engine algorithms and how they work
  • Creating a user-friendly content
  • Original content creation
  • Website development and hosting knowledge
  • Creating a faster and responsive website

4. Online Course Creator

Billions of people surf the internet every day and some of them are even trying to consume knowledge from the internet. Nowadays, most of the people want to learn something and they are also willing to pay for that. It is one of the high paying online business ideas with a very less budget requirement.

Online courses are one of the easiest ways to learn something, starting from website development, video editing, cooking, image editing, stock trading, and more. There are people who are earning millions of dollars by selling online courses.

Steps to create online courses:

  1. Choose a topic from your expertise
  2. Do market research
  3. Outline your course
  4. Choose your lesson delivery method
  5. Create your lesson

After creating a course, you need to sell them online, for that you need to choose a platform. There are various platforms out there in the market, the two most famous ones are udemy and skillshare.

5. E-Book Author

The Internet has changed a lot and there are many things you can find the internet, even books. The books are designed in digital format, called as an e-book. There are a lots of demands for these e-book and its increasing day by day as physical books are losing its ground.

So it is one of the great online business ideas, that required very less budget. All you need to do is create a book and sell them online. But, first you have to consider several things before writing a book. Those are:

  1. Write a book, you’re expert in
  2. Create the index page carefully
  3. Create a copyright page
  4. Do not copy anything, keep it original
  5. Offer quality content (To engage your readers)

After writing an e-book, you have to choose a platform to sell them. Some of the famous platforms are google play books and amazon kindle store.

6. Domain Trading

Domain trading is one of the online business ideas, one can suggest. Domain trading means buying and selling domains, which means you can buy a domain for a very cheap price and sell them at a higher price, where you can generate a very good amount of profit.

But, before buying a domain you should consider several things, like

  • Domain length: Your domain should be between 6-14 characters.
  • TLD: Choose an old and famous domain extension like .com, .net, .org, etc.
  • Domain name: It should be meaningful or it should refer something.
  • Contact Details: Don’t keep your contact details private, so that potential buyers will contact you.
  • Listing: List your domain in the flipper community to sell them.

After following these steps, you can easily start a domain trading business. There are many examples, where many domains are sold in millions of dollars.

7. YouTube Content Creator

YouTube is a popular video service provider and with billions of users. So there is a lot of opportunities out there in YouTube. Making money from YouTube is quite simple, just create a channel, upload good content, and promote them on other social media.

But, there is a catch, your content should be original, do not use any copyright image or music or video, otherwise, you will get a strike and your channel will be down. Another thing to avoid adult content. There are certain criteria, to monetize your channel, after achieving those you will start earning.

Here is a YouTube video on how to create a YouTube channel.

8. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a very easy online business idea, where you do not need any kind of investment. You just have to sell a business’s products or services using your own resources. Affiliate marketing is getting popular day by day and businesses and individuals are earning in millions through affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate networks, that provide a healthy amount of commission on each sale (near about 10% of sales or even more). Every one of you heard of Amazon, you can sell their product using affiliate links and earn a very good amount of commission from them.

You can use social media pages, groups, or timelines to generate sales through affiliate links or you can create a website about products or any other medium like blogging. It is one of the best online business ideas, to start an online business.

9. Graphics Designing And Animation

Most of the online business needs graphics designer and animator, for making videos for promotion and marketing purposes, content creation purpose, for business’s logo, and other needs. So nowadays graphics designing and animation is one of the best online business ideas, you can think off.

You can earn anything between $5000, to $25,000 every month or even more, get the online contracts from freelance platforms and start your own little business. If you’re new to this field and do not want to spend much on graphics designing software here is the list of open-source and free graphics designing software.

10. Vacation And Travel Planner

The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the world and most people are planning their tours online. So you can also take benefit from the rapidly growing industry and become a vacation and travel planner and open an online agency or website.

You can contact various airlines and hotel chains, they will give you discounts if you book in bulk and it is very easy to set up this kind of business. You need some marketing experts to promote your online business and a business consultant for your business model, where you can get benefit using all your resources.

11. Application or Software Developer

You can literally earn millions of dollars, by developing applications and other software. If you have the programming knowledge and you able code in with the programming languages like c++, java, or python you can develop mobile applications, games, or PC software easily.

There are many customers for a good application, and all you need is to develop a unique one. You can also develop applications for small businesses, small games for android and iOS, anything and spend some money on promotion and marketing, you will succeed. 

12. Start-up Consultancy

If you’re a good business planner or have sufficient experience, there is a very good online business idea for you. Open a start-up consultancy. People are willing to pay for good advice and there are many ways, you can help them grow.

Many skilled youths are unemployed nowadays, and you can help them with a start-up plan, business model, and how they can use their resources efficiently.

13. Small Business Advisor

A small business advisor helps their client, gives them advice, teaches skills, and brainstorms with the client to produce very practical results and enhance their strategic thinking to compete against the rival business.

To become a small business advisor, you should have the necessary skills and experience and thinking capability in a difficult time. There is much small business out there, who wants to grow beyond their domestic market. You can help them and earn some amount for you also.

14. Blogging or Niche Site

There is plenty of potential in a blogging site or a niche site, where you can earn a decent amount of money. There are billions of people surfing the internet every day and there is potential for every sector and every niche. You just have to be good in your field.

You can make a blog or website in any niche, you have passion and knowledge about and you will get your audience through search engines. Your content just has to be good and thorough.

You can monetize your blog or website through various advertisement networks like Google Adsense or media vine. Another way of monetization is affiliate links. You can join any affiliate platform and put relevant affiliate links on your website. Creating a website or blog is super easy and one of the best online business ideas, you can think of.

15. Digital Advertisement Agency

Advertisement is a platform that gives exposure to many small or medium-sized businesses or even larger business houses. You can open a digital advertising agency, where you can promote many products and you will get a contract from many business houses.

You can publish your content on different websites of your choice and promote various businesses and get a very good amount of commissions. It is one of the best online business ideas, you should consider if you have enough resources and skills.

Bottom Line

There are various opportunities out there in the online world and the internet is also accessible every corner of the planet with billions of users. You can literally start any business online and you will get success if you have the patience and necessary skills.

So What you think of the list of 15 Easiest Online Business Ideas You Can Start With A Low Budget. I hope this post helped you.

If you agree with the list please share this on social media and if, you have any suggestion please comment below.


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